A song about Portfolio Management?

Lets face it, Portfolio Management is generally viewed as a pretty boring subject. However, is it really Portfolio Management that’s boring, or is it all about the application? Is it possible for portfolio management people to reach into the depths of their being, pull out some creativity and sprinkle it on the subject …thus making it ultra  engaging and exciting?

Yes of course it is, but people do need a bit of help to unlock the creativity door.  I’ve been working with a couple of organizations helping them to do exactly that and I have to say it is yielding some great results around enhancing collaboration, bringing teams together and boosting that feeling of an energized change culture.

It’s my view that creativity needs to flow through the veins of portfolio management, in all aspects, from the design of the portfolio reporting mechanism to the branding on the portfolio governance guidance pack, the executive portfolio dashboard and the structure of agendas, it needs to be everywhere.  So with this in mind, over the coming months I will be writing a lot more about apply creativity to your portfolio management world.

In the mean time, I have chosen to leave you with perhaps the most atrocious example of creativity in Portfolio Management that I’ve seen.  It’s a song that I recorded about the OGC Management of Portfolio guidance based on Baz Luhrmann’s famous song ‘Wear Sunscreen’.

Enjoy at your peril.



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