The joys of Portfolio Reporting

‘Reporting’ … that word generally sends a shiver down the spine of anyone involved in portfolios, programmes and projects.  Maybe it’s because reporting subconsciously brings us back to school reports, having to report to the headmasters office or filling out loads of paperwork on a weekly basis.  But this doesnt need to be the case, I for one love reporting, I love designing and implementing portfolio reporting structures…this isn’t as sad as it sounds, honest.

Implementing a portfolio reporting process is a great opportunity to bring people together at each level of reporting (project, programme, portfolio), to involve them in the design, to understand their difficulties at the moment, to be creative, inclusive and to take some pain away. This is why collaboration is key, would argue that this should be implemented in such a way that the project managers actually want to report on their status.

If the opposite is true and your project manager’s don’t see the value of reporting or complain that the design and the processes are not working, then someone somewhere has not done their job properly.  To prevent this from happening this presentation include my top tips and meandering thoughts on Portfolio Reporting.


15 nov: i think wordpress is playing up so if all you can see is a black blob below where the presentation should be click here to view it on slide share


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