Re-energising your Portfolio Office? don’t forget…

Re-energising a Portfolio Office is fun fun fun….that is of course if you love working in semi-organised madness, don’t mind ambiquity and can spin around a paper for the Chief Executive to present within the hour. During this time one of the key things to remember is to make sure your team are energised and aware that things are going to get a bit ‘chicken oriental’, remind them that we are developing high quality creative products that people haven’t have seen before, not only that but we are doing it in double time and based on dodgy information to start.

This means the team needs to be strong, they need to feel that their team members are looking out for them,  that they can put their hand up at any point and say “erm, i think this could be a problem’.  This strong team work means that we don’t have to worry about ‘fluffy stuff’ all the time, that by allowing the team to give the products a good kicking before they leave the office is actually what makes them great.

This is often forgotten during this time, along with other key important thing, so I put them in a presentation for you.


15 nov: i think wordpress is playing up so if all you can see is a black blob below where the presentation should be click here to view it on slide share

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