APM’s Portfolio Management Survey

I have recently become incredibly interested in surveys.  Had you told me 8 weeks ago that I would be saying that now I would have laughed at you.  I can thank the Office for National Statistics for my recent mind expansion in this field and my new found appreciation that without statistics, we can’t be confident about where we are, where we want to go, or indeed how to get there.

I mention this because the APM (Association for Project Management) is running a survey via the Portfolio Management Special Interest Group with a view to better understand the portfolio management market, and I think that’s a great thing to do.  It’s aiming to get 500 people involved by the summer and so far 150 people have taken the survey with 23% of respondents defining themselves as portfolio managers.

This seems rather low to me, although I remember speaking at conferences only a few years ago and the concept was still pretty much unheard of to many people and because the guidance wasn’t published yet hardly anyone had the job title of ‘Portfolio Manager’.  Indeed many people were still busy trying to figure out if they were a programme manager simply because they managed two projects.

Today is a different story, evidenced by a simple search on jobserve.  Plus when we consider that the MoP accredited trainer event that Stephen Jenner ran a while back was the most popular of all time, it seems the profession is growing, and that’s good news.

So if you have a couple of minutes free right now go and check out the APM’s online survey and add your two pennies to the wider understanding of where we are with Portfolio Management. I just did.


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