The “BIG” Meeting

Would you rather go to a meeting called the ‘BIG’ meeting or a meeting called ‘Benefits Management Working Group”? 

The psychology in portfolio management, a subject I’ve been thinking about recently (te he he) in the context of benefits management…yes I’ve definitely been hanging around with Jenner too much.

Over the last couple of years I’ve worked with a few companies that needed a boost with their organisational benefits management capability, so I set up teams to do it.  I didn’t want to call them the Benefits Management team, or a Benefits Realisation Meeting or the Benefits anything meeting because lets face it, they sound boring.  So I called it the BIG meeting, BIG being an acronym for Benefits Improvement Group….clever eh!

At first my colleagues laughed at me, then they thought it’s pretty clever, then, after the first meeting they thought it was genius because the cool name for the meeting was a talking point, everyone was talking about the BIG meeting, everyone wanted to go to the BIG meeting and so the concept of benefits management spread like wildfire.

Following all of this, I’m delighted to say that you are likely to see the use of a “BIG” meeting referred to in a soon to be published and very important global guidance on Benefits Management!…..*cheeky grin and air grab*

If you want to set up your own BIG meeting…here’s an example terms of reference.  Let me know how you get on!



ps: picture by artist/photographer Spencer Tunick who is known for curating BIG crowds of nude people.

15 nov: i think wordpress is playing up so if all you can see is a black blob below where the presentation should be click here to view it on slide share


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