Friends with Benefits

Sorry to disappoint the majority of readers, but the benefits I’m talking about in this blog are more along the lines of the financial, non-financial and economic benefits and the friend happens to be Steve Jenner (the chap I wrote Management of Portfolios with).  Steve has just finished the first ever, all encompassing, APMG-International book on Benefits Management which will be released in September 2012.

I was one of the reviewers for the book, and whilst I think I’m under contract to not talk about the content yet I can talk about why I think it’s the best book ever written on benefits management.  This statement may sound a bit much and yes I could be seen a being bias because he is a mate, however you should know that whilst I’m a pretty chilled out kinda guy, friend or no friend I am a total and utter diva on three things in life… hotels, shoes and portfolio management stuff.

So here are my top 3 reasons why I think it is indeed the best book ever written on benefits management.

1:  Its real, very real.  This isn’t a text book of academic ideology, it’s written from experience and loads of great examples of how other organizations have done things.

2:  It puts things in context with every aspect of benefits management and in so doing highlights potential ways of doing things.  By this I mean you are not told there is just one way to skin a cat.  This makes for a relatively long read, but that’s okay because of my next point.

3:  It felt personable, by that I mean there were some areas in it that actually made me laugh and I find that very engaging, which made me want to read on.  You may think this is surprising for a benefits management book, but then Steve is a very funny chap which is also surprising given that he’s a benefits management wizard and accountant! (te he)

What can you do next?  Well you can check out the flyer from APG-International and if you want to hear about this from the man himself, Steve will be talking at next months APMG International Showcase.

I’ll write more about this as the launch in September approaches and it hits the stands.




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