Portfolio Office : Welcome Pack

There seems to be a lot of conversations going on at the moment about the difficulties people have with showing the value of an enterprise portfolio office.Value is a really important aspect of this world in my opinion.  Some people think portfolio offices are killed because its the first thing to go when budget cuts come, i say thats complete and utter rubbish.  The only reason portfolio offices are killed is because the value they provide does not exceed their costs and if this is the case it means the person leading it isn’t doing their job properly.  That may seem harsh, but it’s true – no Board of Directors will kill a portfolio office that they get a lot of value  from.

So what can you do? One of the things we did at the Office for National Statistics as part of our 100 days to implement portfolio management (using the Cabinet Offices Management of Portfolios) was to create a Portfolio Delivery Unit Welcome Pack.

The Portfolio Delivery Unit (our name for an enterprise portfolio office) was a brand new function and so we felt it was really important to help people understand exactly what portfolio management services were provided by the team and most importantly, the value people would experience from those services.

It was published across the organisation and feedback was really good, we also found it a great way to bring new people up to speed with the Portfolio Delivery Unit.

ONS has very kindly agreed to share it in the hope that other people find it as helpful as we did. I think it’s really nice of ONS to share this so if you liked it, be nice back and zap a little tweet to @statisticsONS with a hashtag #statisticsarecool


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