Never mind the Pollocks

I had such a great day today, one of those super great days where things are just very very cool.  Today we kicked off one of my favorite things about my job, that is getting ultra creative and painting portfolios and strategies.

Yeah I know it sounds a bit off the wall I know but, stick with me on this.  If you’ve read my other blogs may know that I am particularly interested in how creativity can boost organisational energy and that in itself is the fuel that drives the portfolio delivery to success.  I see it as a bit like one of those nitro boosters you can add to your car, if you click the ‘creative nitro button’ at the right time and in the right sequence your organisation can be boosted into warp speed.

I usually run workshops of 10-20 people helping them to collectively paint their target portfolio management blueprint and enterprise portfolio office.  Today at the Office for National Statistics we started painting the ONS Future Wall.

The design concept is really simple.   Provide a platform for everyone in the organisation to express them selves creatively within the context of how they see themselves and the overall organisation in the future.  You’ll need a big wall painted white, a very cool head of property, loads of art materials and a communication that that is sent to everyone in the organisation entitled “Nevermind the Pollocks”.

Here is a pic of some of the team putting the timeline on the wall up to 2025 just before the Director General popped down to set the ball rolling with some strategic thoughts.  The wall was then left for anyone in the organization to add his or her artistic (or not so artistic) talent to the wall.

Some of the content on the ONS Future Wall will be used to inspire the creation of the 10 year organisational strategy, the transformation states and the portfolio delivery for the next several years.

I’ll write another blog next month and let you know how it’s going.


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