Want to be 48.8% happier?

Well, ho ho ho …we are still here, it seems that yet another apocalyptic event was yet another non-event.  All this talk of apocalypse was a bit much leading up to such a happy time of the year I reckon so this blog is about happiness and how portfolio management is now proven to help people be 48.8% happier.

Happiness is something that isn’t considered enough in portfolio management and business change in my opinion, which is both a serious mistake and a missed opportunity.  I’ve been talking to people about this for about 4 years now and when I talk about measuring happiness most initially laugh.  However when I open their mind to the links with organizational energy (central to Management of Portfolios), motivation and collective team effort the light bulbs comes on.    I’m also very pleased to highlight that my thinking was recently qualified by Richard Branson whose LinkedIn post was called “Happiness is the most important measure for success”… *smug face being pulled as I type*.

So back to this 48% thing.  During my first 10 days at the Office for National Statistics in April 2012 I interviewed around 70 people about portfolio management and business change, the last question I asked everyone was “out of 10 how happy are you with the way ONS manages change”.  The average score was 4.3.  You can see from the spider graph below that this includes a range from -2 to 7 which suggests a mix across the spectrum from -2 to 6 being the highest.

After the 100 days of portfolio management implementation I asked the same people the same question.  I was pleased that the average happiness score has increased to 6.4 which is a 48.8% happiness increase, it is worth noting that the lowest score was positive 3 with a lot more people in the 6+ category with 9 being the highest.

I was a bit disappointed with the 6.4 happiness because I was aiming for a 7.0.  However, the National Statistician (also the Permanent Secretary) said this was a really good improvement, so if the National Statistician says it is a really good improvement, it is a really good improvement!

I’ll write another blog soon about the top 3 aspects of portfolio management that I believe helped drive the happiness scores up.



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