Do you love your organisation?

So, a new year and my time at the Office for National Statistics (ONS) was up just before Christmas I’m sad about that because I really loved my time there. When I say loved I actually do mean it and for the last week or so I’ve been thinking about why I used the the ‘L-word’ in that sentence.

I wonder what percentage of people can say they ‘love’ the organization they are working for? And what drives that feeling? This interests me in the context of organizational energy and how organizations can generate, charge and direct the collective effort of their people to boost performance. Of course each organization is different, but these are the things that got me buzzing about ONS and why I truly loved my time there.

Fundamental Values: Lots of companies have them but do they really use them. Values about trust, togetherness and striving to be better always get me buzzing.

A greater good: What the organization does helps other people. Is the world a better place because of what you’re all contributing to? At the ONS, yes for sure and you can feel that in the air.

People, collaboration and creativity: It’s pretty rare that organizations have such a collaboration vibe going on. The thing with ONS is that it produces really important information like GDP and inflation. There is something in the air about being in it together and feeling proud of that, which was noticeable from everyone right from the Executive Leadership throughout the organization.

Team: I worked with a great team in the Portfolio Office, a really great team who on my last day presented me with a goody bag of stuff including this card and Craig Kilford Benefits Map which is so funny it’s going to get its own blog in a couple of weeks.











As I was thinking about why I loved ONS so much I stumbled across this interview with Erkhart Tolle at the Google office. You might not have the hour to watch the whole thing but you’ll notice right at the beginning he says that he could feel the ‘energy’ around the Google building. This is the magic word, this is the thing I felt at ONS too and the aspects above were the main contributors to that and the reason i loved my time there.

If you’re interested in Organizational Energy I suggest you have a read of “Fully Charged:How Great Leaders Boost Their Organization’s Energy and Ignite High Performance” by Bruch & Vogel. (Bernd Vogel is the professor from Henley Business School who I found to prove to the UK Government that i wasn’t insane when I wanted to put ‘Organizational Energy’ at the heart of the Portfolio Cycles in the Management of Portfolios guidance).

It’s all about the energy…man.


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