Understanding your own benefits.

I’ve been in New York for one month now and I’m about to start my new book.  I’ve also been reminiscing about my time at the Office for National Statistics because I’m positive that the experience from there will be a key inspiration for me.

One of the great moments we had was when we arranged a PPM event attended by all the project managers, and anyone else from the PPM community.  Our objective of the day was to create benefits maps for 10 of the projects.  So that’s 70 people all working on benefits maps together which was tough to organize that’s for sure!

One of the key things that made the day a success was the use of the new Benefits Management diagram that we created as a template for people to use, which was based directly on our new Benefits Eligibility Guidance.  To help define what we were aiming for we also got one of the projects to present their new benefits management map so others could get the vibe.

I’ll talk about mass-benefits-mapping on another blog, but for now the below is a special picture of that benefits flow template diagram.  The reason it’s so special is because as part of my leaving gift my team created it about me  and I totally love it, it tickles me every time I look at it.


The concept of understanding ones own personal benefits is an interesting one don’t you think?





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