Pooh, Portfolio and Toronto

A bear cub called ‘Winnipeg’ was exported from Canada to London Zoo in 1915 where a little boy called Christopher Milne saw him for the first time.  Inspired by Christopher’s love for this bear, his dad A.A.Milne, decided to write a story about a bear called ‘Winnie The Pooh’….yup, I didn’t know that either until 3 minutes ago.

Anyway the closest I’ve got to Canada is watching an entire series of Trailer Park Boys so I’m double excited to be one of the Key Note Speakers at the forthcoming Canadian APMG Showcase being held in Toronto on 1st May 2013.

Actually I’m going to be talking twice, the first is a key note about  “100 days to implement portfolio management”.  Yes I know I’ve been going on about this subject for a while, but I’m very passionate about it because I’m sick of consultants that don’t know what they are talking about telling people it takes 12-18 months.  I get lots of emails about this subject and it seems to now be a hot topic on both sides of the pond because people simply don’t want to wait for 12-18 months to get their portfolio management loving.

Secondly, I’m going to be running a break out session where I will talk about my meandering thoughts on why I think the UK Government’s best practice for Portfolio Management (Management of Portfolios) and the USA’s version, the PMI Standard for Portfolio Management, are both very very cool.

This subject interests me greatly, obviously I’m totally bias because I wrote the former but I’ve recently had some flash backs of when I ran away to the mountain in Spain to write the first version.  I was armed with 400 marlboro lights, my guitar, my laptop and my library of portfolio management books which at that time was tiny because it was such a new field.  However, the PMI Standard for Portfolio Management did exist, and whilst there were some areas I don’t totally agree with, it was definitely one of the inspirations that lead to the first draft of Management of Portfolios way back when.

There’s a lot of other great speakers at the conference too.  Steve Jenner for one, I never get bored of him shouting about his new Benefits Management book which I’ve blogged lots about.  My old mate Alvin Gardiner has been doing some great work with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  Chuck Mihaliak’s talk on Syngenta’s use of Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) is tickling my fancy…not only because I wish I was called Chuck but the guys at Syngenta have an exciting MSP story.  Also, I’m really looking forward to Fred Fox’s talk on motivation – from the Terry Fox Foundation which is a really great charity.

So there you go, all this happens on 1st May 2013 in Toronto and you can book /read about it here. The website says it costs 100 Canadian dollars (£64) to attend which is cheap as chips …in fact I just double checked that someone didn’t leave a zero off and they haven’t !! So even if you need to fly to Toronto – it’s still well worth the dosh.

Zap me a tweet if you’re going to be there @MrPortfolio

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