WTF is Portfolio Management?

I’m talking at the Canadian APMG Showcase this week in Toronto, I’m looking forward to it because I haven’t been to Toronto and I’m talking twice in one day.  The first break out session is titled WTF is Portfolio Management and the second talk is a keynote about how organizations can implement portfolio management in 100 days using the Office for National Statistics as an example.

“WTF is Portfolio Management” tickles me as a title for a conference speech, but there is a very serious point to it.  The reason is that I’ve talked to so many leaders who i know are thinking this on the way to the meeting with me.  This challenge is further compounded by the fact that one of the main challenges people have with implementing portfolio management is simply explaining to senior executives what portfolio management actually is, what it means for them and what value the organisation will experience from it.

This might sound like Portfolio Management 1.0 to some of you but it’s so important to remember that a Senior Executive is going to be crazy busy, they have to deal with loads of totally different subjects every day and each one of those has its own language.  Most importantly though, if they are anything like me and they cant see the value in something instantly they wont do it…. And rightly so in my opinion !

So in my talk I’m going to hit on a couple of things about portfolio management itself with a focus on how to approach and engage C-suite leaders in conversations about portfolio management in such a way that 1) they understand the value 2) you get the support you need 3) you don’t look like a total idiot and blow your chances of actually getting portfolio management to stick.

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