All about the energy and value…

I’m on the plane back from Toronto after talking at the APMG-International Showcase in Canada.  It’s always great to spend time with like minded people in what ever field your in and this was no exception.

I did two talks on the day (presentations will be uploaded next week) and overall there was a great vibe around the whole place, loads of interesting talks and it’s really exciting to see so many people and organizations in Canada and the USA successfully combining project, programme, portfolio and benefits management standards from the UK and the US.  I’m not going to go through every talk here as the blog would be too long, however I will mention that there were two noticeable subjects that kept appearing in presentations and conversations during the day which included:

Energy, lots of people said the word “energy” in the context of our ability to harness the collective effort of people to drive successful delivery and change.

Second most popular word was “Value”.  Value in terms of how people get the value that they want from investing resources in anything.  When I say anything I mean from delivering a project, adopting portfolio management across the organization or simply the value you should experience from a service within a Portfolio Office.

One last thing, as I was having a ciggy at the front of the hotel and noticed a sculpture called 100 workers which is a monument commemorating the workers of Ontario who died in the workplace.  For each person there was a plaque, but what was a little disturbing was the detail they went into about the accident… here’s three of them, see what i mean?

Finally, special thanks to all the guys that set up such a well organised conference, in particular David Smythe from APMG-International.



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