New Portfolio Management webinars for you!

I was thinking back to my first project management job fresh out of uni, whilst my studies were on the use of project methodologies I had no real experience, I had no-one to help answer really stupid questions …all I had was the PRINCE2 book. So I started a yahoo interest group for PRINCE2 which rapidly grew to include members such as Colin Bentley (the actual PRINCE2 author), Richard Pharro (CEO of APMG) and 500+ other people whose email conversations and experiences definitely helped me to not make a total cock up in my early career.

I’m mentioning this now because when I look at all the learning content and platforms available online these days the challenge is reversed, there is just so much to choose from, which I for one think is great.  Although I have to say that I’ve attended a couple of atrociously bad webinars recently by alleged experts, so it seems the key today is making sure you pick the reputable and high quality content.

With that in mind I’m really pleased that I shall be doing a regular Portfolio Management webinar in partnership with the APMG International starting next month.  If you haven’t heard of APMG International before that’s okay, all you need to know is they are the global accrediting body for all the best practice methods like PRINCE2, MoP, Benefits Management etc etc.  So, when you sign up you know for sure it’s going to be a quality experience.

You can sign up for the APMG Webinar Series here for free …. My webinars will be added shortly but I’d suggest signing up for the whole series right now because if you’re anything like me you’ll forget to go back and sign up, then before you know it you’ve missed half of them.

I’ve already got the series planned out but if you have any burning desires for a specific portfolio management subject to be discussed on the webinars just zap a comment below and I’ll check it out.

I look forward to seeing you online.


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