Final touches for Webinar

I’m excited, I’ve spent some of this weekend putting the final touches onto my first APMG International Webinar presentation on Portfolio Management.  In case you didn’t know this webinar is happening tomorrow – that’s  Tuesday 25th at 11am New York Time, or 4pm London time, 7pm Dubai time and 2am Brisbane time…just in case that’s useful to know.

My webinar is called, “What in the world is portfolio management”…which by the way was originally called “WTF is Portfolio Management”, but alas it was felt that title was, fair enough I suppose.   In fact, the new webinar title tickles me more because whilst I personally would never use that expression, my Irish Mother most definitely would and I can hear her now!

The webinar will last for about 50 minutes and will be an introduction / overview of portfolio management in the context of the UK’s official guidance called Management of Portfolios (MoP).  I say the UK’s, and yes HRH The Queen does technically own it, but its more of an international standard i reckon, just because so many people are using it around the world.  Personally i think its popularity is not just down to the incredibly enjoyable way it is written (te he) but it really doesn’t matter what country or company you’re in today, you still want to want to invest in the right projects…right?    Anyway, I’ve split the Webinar into 3 sections, “Our Challenges”, “The Portfolio Management Model”, and then I will be finishing on some “Real Life Nuggets” ….which includes a peek at some of the thing I do personally to help people adopt MoP.

As an added little bonus, the guys at APMG International are so cool that they’re going to be giving away some pocket books to a selection of people that tweet their thoughts about the webinar using @APMG_Int #webinar [your comment].

So if you’re about tomorrow click here to sign up right now… it’s shoud be a goodun.


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