Portfolio webinars with a dash of nakedness

Well, that was fun.  I’ve just finished the first of many APMG International Webinars that I’m running about portfolio management.  I was really pleased to see that we had people from the UK, all over Europe, USA, Canada, India, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, South Africa, Brazil and Qatar … hows that for a mix and proper evidence that MoP is used all over the world!

Anyway, I loved it, I loved my Prezi presentation too (not just my presentation but the love for Prezi as an application, it grows every day).  During the webinar I talked a bit about some of the Challenges of Today for a few minutes, then I hit the Portfolio Management Model (including the principles, with the portfolio definition and delivery cycles). That stuff can be boring so I jazzed it up quite a bit to make it a bit more enjoyable and memorable.

To finish I wanted to show people some real life nuggets that I use when I help people with Portfolio Management, this is the stuff that makes the content of the book real and valuable for people.  So I added 12 of them and you can see the whole Prezi below or you can download the audio and the whole thing from APMG International here.

This was my first webinar, a somewhat weird new feeling was talking for an hour and not being able to see peoples faces in the audience because I pay a lot of attention to body language as I present at conferences.  However on this occasion that was balanced by the equally strange new feeling of talking to 100’s of people about portfolio management as I’m half naked…I bet I’m not the first to do it either!



ps: you should sign up for the whole suite of APMG International webinars here, there’s gonna be a lot more where that came from.




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