Remember when you forgot your gym kit?

Tomorrow I’m recording a video for the internet telly which will be aired online on the 7th November as part of the IIL International Project Management Day 2013.  Check the page out here its very cool what IIL are doing and apparently 60,000 people are going to be tuning in.

I on the other hand shall be seriously less cool, and I’ll tell you why in a minute.  Firstly,  tomorrow I’m telling the story about how people can implement portfolio management across their organization within 100 days – Which is actually really super cool.  I know I go on about this 100 day thing a lot but I get asked about this all the time and my prezi version of this subject has now hit over 2000 views ….added to which loads of people are getting accredited with the methodology that lets you do it (Management of Portfolios)… so, happy days.

Anyway, the three reasons I shall be less cooler than usual tomorrow include

1) I’m not allowed to use Prezi, so I had to use powerpoint … when I heard this shocking news I was sick in my mouth, I’m not joking… I really was.

2) I cant use my GUCCI campaign picture or the picture of the baby I love using to express how important happiness is.  This is kinda my fault because one of the things I love to do is having a good old fashioned google for funny pictures.  It helps to  express a portfolio management aspect much more interestingly that the boring diagrams most people use – the problem is of course whether or not you have the right permissions. Hashtag Ooops.

3) What’s more worrying, is the lovely people at IIL (who either hate me or are absolute angels sent from the heavens – or both) have emailed me the ‘what not to wear list’.  Which of course I’ve just read, the night before.  Now I’m really worried, because it says no solid colored shirts or jackets that are red or white.  No deeply saturated colors, especially red, white or black. No tight patterns, checks, stripes, herringbone and hounds tooth.  Hashtag Ooops.

I just had a flashback from school days when you forget to bring your sports gear to school – I guess it’s back to superman pants and vest for me tomorrow. dur dur-dur-du-dur…dur,dur,dur; dur dur-dur-du-dur…dut,do,durrrr!


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