Summer lovin’ happened so fast..

It’s officially the end of summer (well yesterday was), damn it! As the sun sets on my first NYC summer I’m actually grateful to have had one.  Being from England one tends not to have a real summer,  usual practice is that it gets to July with no sun, then people complain.  Then we get 10 days of gorgeous hot weather and people complain because its too hot on the underground, then it reverts back to pretty poor weather and people complain that we didn’t have a summer.  So having an actual summer in NYC has been lovely, thank you…. Now lets see what this “Fall” thing is all about.

This month I shall be headed to Boston to talk to the PMI Chapter up there about how the UK’s standard “Management of Portfolios” and the American standard from the PMI are cool and can both boost your portfolio delivery capability.

I’m also going to touch on why using these portfolio structures can also boost your organizational happiness.  Yes, that’s right, portfolio management can make you people happier as I’ve already proved it in previous blogs.  Happiness has, and will continue to be a point of interest for me and the next couple of blogs will be talking about this in more detail in the context of portfolio management and change stuff.

If you’re in Boston on the 19th September, check this link out for the talk.


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