Reporting Webinar : Let me entertain you

Oh I do love a good webinar.  Tomorrow (22 Oct) I’m doing my 2nd in the series of AMPG International Webinars.  This time I’m talking about Executive Portfolio Reporting.   Sounds proper boring right? Yes most think so, but only if you make it boring… I on the other hand absolutely love it for the following three reasons.

1) It’s the easiest area to add instant value because most people do it really badly.  So many people really do honestly believe that their Executive Leadership Team will read the 58 page word report that that spent 3 weeks writing.  Newsflash: they don’t read it…and they all have a horrible deep ‘boredom approaching’ feeling when it gets to you’re turn on the agenda.

2) I’m a massive exhibitionist and so standing in front of an Executive Board is as an opportunity show them how fabulous you and your portfolio are.  I actually think of it as a performance, you’re there to perform, to get a message across, to get decisions and energize people as you do so.

3) Most importantly you get to highlight to the Executive Leadership the decisions you need that will help drive success.  If they don’t go with the recommended decision, fine, at least they decided no and you now need to find another way forward.

In the webinar I’m not going to be talking about the format of the Executive Portfolio report itself, nor am I going to be talking about using some flashy bit of technology.  I’ll be focusing on the ecosystem that you should be building in your portfolio to ensure that you get the most value out of the 1hr per month that you get with the Executive Leadership Team which touches on culture, process, people, skills and collaboration.

This webinar will be super useful for people that are working on portfolio reporting, governance, setting up Portfolio offices, Portfolio Office teams and Portfolio Directors.

So if you are free tomorrow at 11am New York time (4pm London time) sign up to webinar here – I reckon I will be going for about 35 mins, not too long, but there will be quite a few nuggets in there for you.

See you there


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