Blast off: International PM Day

So this is kinda exciting… I get to see myself on ‘Internet Telly’ tomorrow during IIL’s international project management day. I’m talking about how to implement portfolio Management in 100 days and to steal an Americanism, I get to see if I look like a ‘douche bag’ or not.
I mentioned  some time ago that I did this video recording in front of a huge green screen as part of IIL’s wider International Project Management day, which is this whole online conference thing and it attracts like 60,000 people – very cool if you ask me.
There’s loads of other cool people taking too. My favs are Judy Umlas who is a Grateful Leadership guru, Greg Balestrero who is the former PMI CEO who I met in IIL offices as I was recording, he seems like a good laugh so I will check his out … And my third fav Ed Hoffman – NASA Chief Knowledge Officer, NASA…I’ve always wanted to go to the moon.  In fact when I’m working with teams on really tough challenges I always sit back and say “if a bunch of people can send a guy to the moon in 1969 before there were mobile telephones and Facebook, I’m sure we can solve this problem”
Anyway, this online event is pretty ‘spacey’ in its own right and definitely worth a look if you have some time tomorrow…. Sign up here and blast off.


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