Different people / similar challenges.

I was just looking through all the email addresses of you guys in the blog database. There’s about 2000ish of you on the list now and what I find super interesting is the diversity of organizations and geography.

You’re a great mix of people, from about 15 countries. Some of you are from tech companies, quite a lot of national and local governments, universities, charities, healthcare companies, consultancy firms and at least 3 fashion houses (one of which I really love).

The reason I’m interested in this diversity is because I was wondering what your big portfolio challenges are at the moment. I bet lots of you have similar challenges with your portfolios of business change despite being in different markets, cultures and locations around the world, .

So, here’s the deal. If you email me a short paragraph describing your big portfolio challenge / difficulty, I’ll focus some of my blogs on those subject areas and talk about some personal flashbacks and potential solutions that may help.

I won’t mention any names (unless you want me to) so if you’re up for it zap a paragraph to Hi@MrPortfolioManagement.com


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