Why MoP in 150 Seconds (an analogy in an elevator)

“What’s the elevator speech?”…that little phrase is up there in my top 5 phrases that makes me chuckle, namley because its just such a token question and secondly, people just don’t talk in the elevator.

That is of course except for me, I actually do (especially to strangers).  However last week was special, just before I was about to talk to a group of Directors about MoP I had my first ever-real life, solid gold elevator moment about Management of Portfolios.

I meet this chap as we got into the elevator to go up to the 40th or so floor … and this is how it went.

Chap:    “Oh Hi, you’re the Mr Portfolio guy right”

Me:“Hmm, was it the hair that gave it away, or the collars?”


Chap: “haha a bit of both”

Me: “I thought so.  But yes, indeed I am. Pleasure to meet you…”


Chap: “… Tony, I’m coming to your session this morning.”

Me: “Oh nice one, it should be fun!”

Man in lift: “Sure thing, I’ve heard.  I don’t know much about this MoP though – what’s it all about?


There it is, on a plate, a solid gold shiny elevator moment that every vision developing consultant fantasies about.

So, after this perfect set up, I knew I had about 2 and a half minutes in total to explain Management of Portfolios and Portfolio Management before we got to the room.  I didn’t want to go into the technicalities of MoP, nor did I want to bore him so just at that moment an unrehearsed analogy of life, dreams and portfolios popped out and worked really, really well – it finished on time too.

I thought about this afterwards…I’ve done one hour Executive briefings and even 10 minute briefings but never 150 Seconds like that before.   So, I went home and created this Prezi with a voice over to reflect the conversation in those two minutes – see below.



Why MoP in 150 Seconds (an analogy in an elevator) from Mr Portfolio Management on Vimeo.




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