Where are all the women!!??

Wow, okay so it seems this whole conversation about Portfolio Management training, accreditation, comparisons of MoP and PfMP (from my last blog)  is of interest to a lot of people, not just me.  So far I’ve had emails from people in South America, India, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Sweden, China, France and New Zealand – all very very interesting.

I’ll write a more in-depth blog summarizing the feedback, in the mean time i thought you might like to see a few direct lifts (without changes) from some of the emails – I took the names off because I wasn’t sure if people were okay with me publishing their name (i forgot to mention to highlight that in the email).

One thing that’s totally obvious right away, and slightly concerning is, that all the emails have been from men so far!!!! ….where are the women in portfolio management!

Keep your views coming, or if one of your colleagues have been on a course/has an opinion tell them to zap me a 3 minute email too… this is super interesting.

Thanks to you guys that have emailed already.


email: hi@MrPortfolioManagement.com


Until recently, portfolio management training wasn’t available here in Melbourne, Australia. I did do the MoP exam through AMPG by way of self study and I thought it was absolutely fantastic, the knowledge really complimented my work as a portfolio/change analyst

I feel that what would be particularly useful is a day course on portfolio management and benefits realisation for execs



Our organization is very PMI oriented, I am a PMP and is also an engaged volunteer in PMI so the natural choice would have been PMI. Pre-reading showed us however that the MOP was much easier to understand and explain than the PMI portfolio standard. Another argument for the choice was that we didn’t have the experience needed for the PMI one.

After doing the certification I have a much better foundation for my work. After practicing a couple of years the understanding of the PMI standard is increasing. So feedback on the standards is that the PMI one is much more for the already experienced. The basic drawings in the MOP could instead be explained to everyone. One problem with the MOP was the training. A lot of do that, do that and lack of discussion and examples for a deeper understanding. Another problem with the MOP is also the lack of a qualified network.

Mr H


I  undertook mop foundation very early on which I did via reading the manual and studying an online course. The course was ok but not especially engaging.

After approximately one year I purchased a distance learning practitioner course which was excellent

Having self funded / self studied for and passed (at practitioner level) mop, mov, p3o, prince2, msp (advanced practitioner), agilepm and mor the one thing I would say is that the mop book was one of if not THE best texts in terms of readability and getting the points across.

Mr S


Content it’s great, much more straight forward and easy to implement than PMI when I compare with my previous experience during my PMP certification.

Training providers are still limited in the region AMS when compared with EUR

Adaptability for Senior Management team. We had to adapt it for Senior Management team to present to Management Board, as they would not take two full days training for the foundation.



In my assessment, APMG/AXELOS standards are much better written as compared to PMI standards
(except perhaps PMBOK). The PMI standards (for Program management and Portfolio management) could have had more depth and more rigor in their write-ups etc.

Mr R



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