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AXELOS (owners of best practice standards) recently commissioned me to write a white paper to discuss the similarities and differences between the world’s top two global standards for portfolio management, MoP (Management of Portfolios) and The Standard for Portfolio Management from PMI.

Being the co-author of MoP potentially makes me the most bias person for the job, however I actually love both standards – honestly I really do.  Indeed the PMI first edition was one of several the books I had with me as I sat on a mountain in Spain writing the first draft of MoP – there’s love there for sure.  So the white paper will be an objective, concise and candid view of both standards that summarizes the key similarities and differences of each standard.  I hope it will be very useful for people already in the portfolio management world and those people looking to understand more about this field.

Anyway, to get to the point of this blog – writing the white paper has got me thinking about training in portfolio management, both standards have accredited training linked to them and now I’m wondering how you, as a portfolio management professional, feel about training in this arena.

So, a 3 minute bit of work for you.  I’m very interested in hearing your views on portfolio management training – if you or someone on your team has been on a portfolio management course over the last couple of years (for MoP / PMI or others), or alternatively those of you that haven’t (i.e. why haven’t you – did you learn on the job? are you too busy to train? are you too senior to go on a training course?).  Please send your thoughts in a short 3 minute email to  hi@mrportfoliomanagement.com

The white paper will be published in a couple of month or so – I’ll let you know when its live.



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