“Boardroom Boredom”

So I’ve been thinking lots about Portfolio Board engagement for the last couple of days and how to prevent a board from getting so bored that they want to chew their own arm off as you present your portfolio executive update – this will be the subject of the next couple of blogs.  One part of this is the actual presentation.  Terrible presenters and presentations drive me nuts, there’s simply no excuse in this day and age … so I thought I would share this with you.

It’s one of the best presentations I’ve seen, its from LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner, in just 20 minutes he provide an amazing overview of LinkedIn, the environment, the status and the future.  A pretty complex subject right.

All of which was done in an amazing way,  the style, speed, the hands the audience coverage, great graphics, simple, engaging – the list goes on.  The only thing I didn’t like that much…his suit trousers, I’m not a fan of baggy suit trousers – but you cant have everything I suppose.

So, if you see someone giving a terrible presentation at the Portfolio Board – or better still you think they will give a terrible presentation (terrible being full of size 8 font words and standard clip art, excessive slide transitions and they stand looking at the presentation as then speak) do them a favor and forward this presentation to them before they do it.


PS: i’ve got a lot whizzing around in my brain at the moment and so I’ll be writing more – probably once a week, maybe sometimes 2 a week.  So if you have some burning issue going on at the moment zap me a paragraph describing the challenge and I’ll try and blog a potential solution. hi@mrportfoliomanagement.com


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