Gantt Charts… meh!

I’ve seen a couple of questions online recently asking if PPM is an art or a science.  It’s a subject close to my heart (more on that later).  For me it’s an art and from my experience, the organizations that really do make portfolio management an awesome value add experience that delivers strategy, are the those who embrace it creatively.

On that note, I was flicking around LinkedIn the other day, and its not often that something graphical stops me in my tracks and impresses me.  But I have to say this graphic really did, it’s a picture of a pretty boring plan, but it’s so beautifully designed that it made me read all the milestons, and you know what I thoroughly enjoyed that experience.


For me, design is key to energizing people, key to helping them understand the portfolio journey they are traveling on with the organization and their colleagues.  Sure, MS Project has its uses for day to day tracking – but most people aren’t project managers and most people switch off when they see a MS Project plan with more than 15 lines in it.

The moral of the story…be bold, be creative, think in different dimensions and come up with some cool graphics that will tell the story and energise people on the portfolio journey.

So, awesome work Rupert Taylor and team at and you made my day with this Milestone graphic.


Ps: Do you know anyone in the office that has been on some PPM training over the last 12 months? If so please forward this and ask them to zap me an email, I’m capturing lots of great insights from real people as part of the white paper I’m writing.  Thanks so much!

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