Let’s to do a deal?

Okay you lovely readers, it’s time we did a deal.   I’m going to give you a free nugget of portfolio gold which I call the Portfolio Handshake, I use this to do deal with stakeholders of the portfolio and it works wonders because it helps to clarify and strengthen relationships, and working practices between everyone…so, here’s the deal.

I’m giving you this “Portfolio Handshake” as a free download, which is a very simple yet highly valuable little tool that I’ve used for years in all my portfolios.  I’ve found it to be the difference between a very unhappy stakeholder, and a stakeholder that loves doing business with you and your portfolio.  (this is an example of a real one i used between a portfolio and a central corporate dependency mapping team, click here to download the presentation )

In return, you have to do something for me and hold up your end of the deal, here it is…

As you know from my previous blog, I’m writing a white paper for AXELOS comparing the two main global portfolio management standards (MoP and PMI’s Standard for Portfolio Management).  As part of that I’ve grown super interested in your training experiences, in both Portfolio Management and PPM as a whole … so, in that previous blog I asked readers to email me some thoughts on their experiences, I’ve since had people from 17 countries reach out which is awesome…and now I want more.

So if you use this “Handshake”, the deal is that you will get two people who have been on any PPM (project program or portfolio) course in the last two years to email me on hi@MrPortfolioManagement.com





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