PM Benchmark Report 2015: Hot Stuff!

Every time I see a LinkedIn post from a random consultancy firm saying “do you want to read our global survey of how good we are at asking 10 people if they can spell portfolio management” I feel like stabbing myself in the face. However, I’m pleased to tell you that this week I’ve read the Project Management Benchmark Report 2015  by Arras People (the findings from their PPM Census) and I have to say, it got me a little excited…

Arras People have been running this census for 10 years now, and its very visible from reading this detailed 38 pager about all things Project, Programme, Portfolio and People.  I get very bored very easy, so the top five things that kept me reading this whole thing were:

1) It didn’t bore the pants off me, despite being very in depth and was well structured with a nice flow

2) The source data was based on over 2000 respondents which is a really good amount

3) Whoever wrote it clearly has a personality, and knows the market very well.  Quite frankly it must have been a nightmare to write because of all the questions asked during the survey (I know because I took the survey and it was pretty intense)

4) They’ve taken the output from all those survey questions, analysed the data and created some interesting findings using graphs to compliment the friendly easy to read narrative.

5) There’s a section on Porfolio Management.. woop woop.

You should check it out yourself, but here’s my 5 top take aways.

1) Out of all the 2251 respondents 6% of them (135) were portfolio management people. I’d be interested to see what the % was last year.

2) Interestingly, but not surprising, only 20% of portfolio management respondents had 10 or more years experience, whereas 40% of all project and programme managers have 10+ years experience.

3) Out of those 135 people, 50% saw themselves as experts or thought leaders in portfolio management.

4) Confidence about the economic climate is on the up, and 40% of people are feeling better financial than they did last year.

5) On average the highest earner in PPM is a contract portfolio manager (£615 per day) which beats the average programme manager per day by a pack of cigarettes, 3 large cappuccinos and a double sausage and egg muffin (£28).  Conversely permanent programme managers apparently earn about 10% more than permanent portfolio managers – so now you know who should be getting the team drinks in!

I’ve paused here for about 7 minutes as I try to think of some kind of improvement for this report, but I’m really struggling.  The only possible thing i can think of is a personal preference in that,  I think I would have got a tiny bit more excited if a less funerial color pallette was used for the graphs – but that’s the only thing that comes to mind  (I’m a color-super-diva and a born again statistician).

Get your copy from the Arras People website.



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