How boring is your Portfolio Information?

How to not bore Executive Portfolio Board Members and get effective decisions at the same time is my favorite part of portfolio management – which, luckily for me is also the most common reason people call me for help…so here’s a treat for ya’ll. The Portfolio Executive Information pack (or whatever you call your monthly executive update) is the number one output from the Portfolio because it informs important stakeholders and enables you to get the decisions you need to deliver the portfolio.  This is why poorly designed portfolio status packs drive me nuts, because it’s my view that a poorly designed executive pack can trigger board-boredom which leads to disengagement, reduced credibility and ultimately will prevent effective decisions being made.

So I’ve knocked up a little tool for you – I call it “Portfolio Boredom Matrix” and you can use it to rate your Portfolio Executive Information Pack and figure out if you’ll bore your portfolio board or not.   Check out the example below  (click here to download the excel sheet)

Let me know what score you get.




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