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PMI’s pulse of the profession report entitled “Capturing the Value of Project Management” is a pretty interesting read.  It says 55% of organizations understand the value of project, programme and portfolio management… or pessimistically translated, 45% of organizations don’t know how to change properly.  As portfolio management professionals I believe we are the only ones that can save the 45% and I’ll tell you why…

Mark A. Langley President and CEO of Project Management Institute says these numbers haven’t changed much since 2012 and “there’s more work to do”.  I think he’s right.  It’s my view that as the portfolio management professional market grows, we are the critical people that will drive this 55% higher in the coming years.

The reason I make this bold statement is because project and programme managers have been banging on the agendas of the executive boards for decades; trying to get agreement to at least plan projects properly.  In many cases the best outcome will be the start of a ‘projects report’ with a red, amber or green blob next to project names.  Yes this will be useful for a 6 month honeymoon period, but then the value will rapidly devolve into a state of mediocrity at best, and then divorce.

Enter the portfolio management professionals, seekers of truth and presenters of information that will bring the board together with collective understanding and confident decision making.  We are the providers of information that prove how investments in projects will contribute to strategic objectives, and how domino effects of one project will impact the other.  We are the facilitators of big decisions, decisions about the best project investments, the ones that stink and the ones that must die.   We are the curators of project delivery communities, believers in shared success and energizers of organizations.

This is the energy that will boost the worlds organizations up from this pathetic 55%, I know this because once an executive board tastes the sweet fruits of portfolio management success, they will never go back to the old, dried up, bruised fruit they were so used to.

That’s all I have to say about that…



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