Interview: Yin and Yang of portfolio management

AXELOS have just published an interview with me called “MoP® and PMI – the Yin and Yang of portfolio management”.  In this interview I provide some early insights about my white paper, which is coming out pretty soon and will be first to officially compare MoP with PMI’s Standard for Portfolio Management.

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Click here to check it out, let me know what you think @MrPortfolio

Here’s some nuggets from the interview:

“Let’s be very clear on this point: when it comes to portfolio management it’s absolutely the wrong approach for an organization to think it has to choose between PMI or MoP.”

“Show me an executive leader that does not believe this to be a priority and I will show you an executive leader that should not be an executive leader.”

“My advice to people is to think of PMI and MoP as the Yin Yang of portfolio management. Yes they are different, but they complement each other…”

“Skilled portfolio management professionals will be pivotal because these people are in the perfect position to inspire executives and energize organizations to deliver successful portfolios of change.”


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