New Addition: The Portfolio Wall of Fame

Let’s start the week on a high note!  I’m adding another organization and person to my Portfolio Management Wall Of Fame.  It’s very rare that I see an organization prioritizing portfolio management exactly how they should be, but last week I saw a perfect example that should be a role model for every government and every organization every where.  So I’m excited to say that the newest addition to this highly acclaimed Portfolio Management Wall of Fame award goes to …

Angie Ridgwell, and The Department of Energy and Climate Change.   This department owns the second largest portfolio (after ministry of defense) and they recently published this job advert for a Portfolio Office Director,  which is where the magic happened.  The job description is wonderful, and is a clear indication that the Department of Energy and Climate Change not only knows what portfolio management is,  but they are prioritizing it perfectly and highlighting it as key to organisational success.

So here’s seven reasons why I love this.

1) The department of Energy and Climate Change Portfolio is the second biggest portfolio in UK government (after Ministry of Defense).  This is pretty sexy in it’s own right
2) They highlight that portfolio management is essential to managing and prioritizing the portfolio, to make sure they are doing the right project and help them succeed.
3) The Portfolio Director is spotlighted as central to achieving this and is part of the leadership team – absolutely the right thing to do!
4) Portfolio Management is called out as one of the Permanent Secretaries priorities – yay Mr Stephen Lovegrove !
5) The post holder will sit on the Investment Committee and regular attendance at Finance and Business Committee and Executive Committee
6) The person will be head of profession for project, programme and portfolio management – I love this especially, because it means they will be able to develop the career paths of the wider PPM teams
7) The person will be responsible for planning and prioritizing the portfolio, performance reporting and benefits realization.  The fact that benefits realization here makes me all tingly because this means that someone somewhere is interested in the return on investment of the overall portfolio – hallelujah!

So, congratulations Angie Ridgwell (the Director General in charge) and the Department of Energy and Climate Change – the fact that this job description is even published is a spectacular step forward, and is setting a wonderful example to every other department and organization.

If anyone is interested in applying for this job – you should have a read of this Axelos case study because I did this role (for a different department) on an interim assignment few years ago and absolutely loved every minute of it.  (check this prezi out too)

Have a great week.


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