Portfolio Dreaming

For those of you that have seen one of my talks, you will probably remember the video segment I use from Martin Luther King’s speech where he says “I have a dream”. After this little video segment I then scream to the audience.

“He did not say… I have a Microsoft project plan!!”

If I look back at my life and list the things I’ve done that I would consider cool –  all of them were thought to be impossible at the time by me and everyone around me.  However, the one thing they all have in common is they started with a dream, a crazy dream and this is what energised me to make it real.  I’m not joking and I don’t care if it sounds a bit airy-fairy  – because thats exactly how it worked.

My point for this blog is to emphasize the importance of dreaming about your portfolio…having a vision or dream for your portfolio, or Portfolio Office, programme, or anything for that matter is crucial.  Also, just as crucial is projecting that dream out there into the universe / to your team or organization.  So next time your having a coffee take five minutes to dream a little – then sketch it, draw it, paint it, put it in visio, powerpoint, white board or post it note …. I don’t care how you do it, just do it and put it out there.

When five people send me a picture of their portfolio dream I will publish another blog with those pictures – and I’ll add mine too.  Send them to hi@MrPortfolioManagement.com or tweet me @MrPortfolio

Be careful though – dreams have the tendency to come true!



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