Announcement: Dreams are manifesting…

I’ve been dreaming a lot about dreaming, and wasn’t until my mate Chris Walters (PMO Genius) pointed out that dreaming is the key connector running through all of my polymathic tendencies that a few light bulbs got brighter in  my mind.

So the dream stuff is making me tingle even more – and when stuff makes me tingle that’s when I put all my energy into it.  So I’m very excited to tell you that all this energy has manifested into a few big things which I will be shortly announcing.  The first one to be announced is …

That I’m super excited to be speaking at London’s first ever PMO Conference on 11th June.  I really love speaking at conferences because I’m a massive exhibitionist and I could talk about this stuff passionately for about 9 days straight.  Anyway, this conference is a little bit special for three main reasons.

1- My talk: “I have a dream”

Yes that’s right, I do and I will be describing to 150 people the intimate details of my dream for portfolio management.   Slightly different to what you’d expect at a PPM related conference I know, but this is going to be fun!  (see the programme here)

2- PMO People are cool

It’s the first ever PMO Conference in London and they’ve just added 20 extra tickets because its about to sell out.  This means it’s going to be full of Project, Programme and Portfolio Office people who are a bit special and therefore generally very cool, so that’s going to be fun too.

3- Not a regular conference

The conference founder is Lindsay Scott from Arras People, who is one of those crazy idea generator type people, so one thing is for sure- this will not be a run-of-the-mill conference… which means more fun. (follow on twitter here @pmoconference )


So, 11th June, London, go get your ticket from here – and be quick.  (Otherwise the only chance you have of getting in is by carrying my avocado, banana and spinach smoothie).

On a final note, for those of you wondering about the picture for this blog, it’s a photo of my arm taken about 8 minutes ago.  For 5 years it has contained two tattoos – Dare to Dream (written in Galilean Aramaic) and Tingles.




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