Introducing: The Dream

Many years ago, after working on a project to help combat AIDS in South Africa, I received a book from Nelson Mandela inscribed with the words “The long walk to freedom is not about being imprisoned it is about dreaming.  Hoping that you live your dreams and in so doing make others dream as well”.  

This message continues to inspire my thinking and just last month I was day-dreaming about a digital platform that helps professionals to share their dreams and together as a global community, make those dreams come true.

Today I’m excited to share  “The Dream Cloud” with you – a place for professionals to Dream, Connect, Share and Achieve together.

Click here to start making your dream a reality.


I will be talking on the subject of dreams at the PMO Conference this week (Thursday 11th) it’s sold out but you can keep up with the day on twitter via @PMOConference and @MrPortfolio

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