30 Minute Portfolio Skype Donations

In my quest to change the world for the better, I’m learning some new and exciting skills (more on that later), as part of this process I’ve researched and engaged with the some of the best people in the business  – I figure that’s the only way to become the best….

Anyway the moral of the story is, that in my quest of mind expansion I was inspired by one such expert who offered 30 mins of his time, for free, and I thought that was very, very cool.

Given that I didn’t pay for that global expert’s advise I thought the best I can do is share the love and donate one of my 30 minute Skype consultations to someone that needs it.  So, if you want to discuss your portfolio, or solutions to some of the challenges you’re having with portfolio management, send me an email, give me a bit of background and I’ll choose one person a month.


email: hi[at]MrPortfolioManagement.com

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