Concerning the spirituality in professional development

I believe we (as human beings), are put here to learn, develop and become more enlightened.  I also believe that the longevity of our soul far exceeds that of our current incarnation, which is, by all accounts a blink of an eye in comparison.

With this in mind, I see continuous professional development as one of several avenues that we invest our time in to become more enlightened  – others include family, friends, career, traveling and general day to day living.

The subject of enlightenment of the soul and spirituality is addressed in two of my  favorite books, the first being Many Lifes Many Masters, by a psychiatrist called Richard Weiss.  The book describes his experience of providing regressive hypnotherapy (past life regression) as a way to help people combat their fears.  Whilst working with one of his clients he discovered a communication passage that connected him with “older” more “enlightened souls” who explained that when a soul learns it escalates up the enlightenment ladder (that’s my terminology not his).

Secondly, for those of you that are interested in more of a project management focus, you should read of “The Importance of Spirituality in Project Management”.  This was written by Judi Neal and the late Alan Harpham, I recall having many a fascinating chat with Alan on this subject and the book provides a great overview of the connection between the evolution of humanity and corporate consciousness.

The sentiment that we are here to learn, and the more we learn the more enlightened we get has been a driving force for me personally over the years so it’s great to see AXELOS start the professional development programme to help people continue to learn, develop and ultimately become more enlightened.  Check it out here.



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