“UBERization” of Portfolio Management Software?

I’m an “on-demand” kinda guy, I want instant gratification in every aspect of my life. To help me achieve that I use the following apps and websites.

1) For project team collaborations: SLACK

2) For instant understanding of development status: PivitalTracker

3) For instant car rides: UBER

4) For instant food delivered at my door: Seamless

5) For instant international money transfers (which is my current favourite company in the world by the way): Transferwise

6) For instant check of all the other instant things I must do: OneNote

7) For instant PDF merging and other great PDF stuff: SmallPDF.com

8) For instant communication worldwide: Whatsapp

9) For instant file sharing: Dropbox

10) For instant icons: TheNounProject.com


However, for instant portfolio management delivery gratification, what software can help with that? What companies are “UBERizing” the portfolio management software market, who is doing exciting things that will help people move away from MS Excel?

Add links in the comments highlighting the people you think are doing great things with Portfolio Management Software….



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