Happiness, again.

I’ve talked about happiness a few times, but I want to bring it up again because yesterday I was very pleased to hear that the United Arab Emirates appointed a minister of happiness, this is following in the footsteps of Venezuela, Equador and of course the original happy people of Bhutan.

This is an area that excites me because my main skill is being able to create  structures that, when applied to complex human ecosystems, enable positive change.

Yeah that’s lovely, but what does this have to do with Portfolio Management?

Some may think this is a little weird, however for the last 7 years in my career I’ve measured the happiness of people in the portfolio delivery community (including executives, PMO’s project managers etc).  I usually track that on a monthly and quarterly basis.

It wasn’t until I worked with the Office for National Statistics and got exposed to the National Well Being programme that I realized in this particular instance, that I was more enlightened than weird (the National Well Being Programme measures the well being of people in the UK).

So we went big on Happiness.  Before we started to implement portfolio management across the organisation I surveyed about 70 people and asked them to score out of 10, how happy they are with the way change was currently managed (10 high). 100 days later, after we had implemented portfolio management my team then surveyed those people again to see if there was a change.

The results were awesome, on average people were 48.8% happier with the way change was managed after they were exposed to the new portfolio management ways of working.  This Prezi goes into more detail about the 100 days and the happiness measures.

So, two conclusions for you.

  1. Happiness is important
  2. Portfolio Management makes people 48.8% happier (if you do it right)




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