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There’s loads of white papers, blogs and how to’s popping up about portfolio management these days which I think is great.  I read as many of them as I can… some are pretty terrible, some are pretty cool, some of them are pretty damn awesome.

I saw this pretty cool “Portfolio Management Playbook” recently and thought you’d like it…It’s by Thinking Portfolio, a management consultancy and software house (who also have a cool blog).

I have to say that I was initially a bit scared, because after signing up to get a copy I opened it and saw there’s 83 pages in there. However, it’s very well designed and easy to read so I carried on, it turns out that it’s the first 20 or so pages that focus on Portfolio Management.

Each page focuses on a key theme, and then each theme is described by using about 3-5 key points per page (I like this structure).  For example the first one is “The Absolute Basics of Service Portfolio Management”.

Out of the other themes I liked the focus on “Positive portfolio management” and also “Communication inside the organisation” where they touch on items such as the use of infographics, animations, live videos etc.

Another cool page is “Good portfolio leadership” which included points about including everyone, having clear processes, use of software.  Then there were “5 ways to improve your project portfolio management” which included training for senior management, culture of prioritization, resources etc.

All in all, I enjoyed the simplicity of this and whilst most of the content is basic, it’s always the most basic things that people forget …so it’s well worth checking out.

Download it from here.




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