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Wow, where does a year go! … here we are again almost in June, which means it’s PMO Conference time again in London on 8th June.  Hashtag excited.  Hashtag by the way there are only 10 tickets left!

I had a great time last year, which is no surprise as it’s not every conference you go to that has The Clash and Oasis playing as background music.  Last year I talked about my Dream for Portfolio Management, and this year because I turned 40, I’ll be talking about the 40 do’s and dont’s of portfolio management – which is basically the key things I’ve learnt during my career, some cool, some weird, some off the wall, some totally irrelevant but fundamentally a learning experience that added value to my portfolio management work.

But that’s not all I’m excited about, if you check out the other speakers you’ll see that the running order is pretty much the rock stars of the industry. Here’s a quick breakdown of a few of them that I know.


Opening up you have Chris Garabaldi who is the author of one of the PMI Portfolio Management reports that I got super excited about a few months ago and wrote this article “Pretty Damn Awesome Portfolio Reports”.  Also, I want his surname.

Then I’ll be jumping around on stage right after Chris for an hour.

Ray Mead will be in-da-house, CEO of p3m Global, author of Delivering Successful PMOs and one of those guys that really brings this stuff to life with the jazz of his own personality.

Paul Major, love this bearded big brained dude. CEO of Program Framework, I worked with Paul when we moved the ambulance service in England from analogue to digital radios…what he doesn’t know about change, really isn’t worth knowing.

Donnie MacNicol – Mr energy and leadership.  Donnie and I both share the same passion for “energy”, he leads Team Animation, a company that helps organisations boost leadership and team work.  He also Chairs the PMI Organisational Project Management Forum and is the co-author of Project Leadership from Gower.

Eddie Borup, I’m nervous about seeing Eddie. Last time I saw him I was brown haired and bushy tailed fresh out of Uni.  We met at PUG meeting (PRINCE2 User Group) of which Eddie was Chairman, Eddie has been doing some awesome work in South Sudan for the United Nations so I’m looking forward to finding out about that.

Then there’s Mr Tim Ellis, big time early adopter of portfolio management who did some awesome work with lots of London councils, and now has been leading on PPM maturity across Transport for London (that must be fun!).  Plus, one of the coolest hats I’ve seen on a LinkedIn profile picture.

Kirsty Bennet makes her debut this year.  Kirsty is Director of Portfolio Management at Carnival – the most popular cruise liner organisation in the world… imagine trying to implement change across 24 cruise liners as they sail around the oceans – you can read a bit about it here.

David Dunning, another big name in the industryChairman of CPS, I remember David talking about technology in portfolio management before people had heard about Facebook, now technology it’s a crucial element of delivering portfolios successfully. David is also Chairman of the APM Portfolio Management Special Interest Group.

Henny Portman, I’ve never actually met Henny, but he’s one person I’ve followed for a long time on LinkedIn, he’s a PMO coach and author of a super informative blog which I also follow – check it out here.

Finally, Rupert Taylor, Managing Director at Pro4 Solutions – I connected with Rupert last year and we share the same love of data visualisation, in fact I loved one of his graphics representing a portfolio journey so much that I wrote about it.


Right that’s enough about this gig – there’s loads of other great speakers that you can check here.   Also, if you want to see these rock stars you might want to hurry up as there are only 10 tickets left… that is unless you want to carry my bag and get me coffee’s all day.

If you have a bit more time after reading this blog, here’s an interview with me from last year, which will give you an indication of the vibe…albeit the microphone will be switched on this year!


Craig Kilford talks about Portfolio Management at The PMO Conference from Lindsay Scott on Vimeo.


See you there.



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