Is a tech-startup good training for a family-startup?

I went to Lottie’s 1st birthday party this weekend (my friend’s daughter and future Prime Minister in the middle of the picture ). Her buddies are also 1 year old because it just happened that three of my mates all had kids within 2 weeks of each other last year (one of them had twins).

Despite the birthday party being a healthy distraction from for a few hours… as I was talking to my friends about their new Dad-lives some of the things they were describing really resonated with me in terms of how I am feeling, (the start up I launched last week that connects everyone in the project management world to the best courses – think TripAdvisor for project management training).  Yes I know, comparing a 1 year old to a tech startup is a bit of a ridiculous analogy – but these are the comments that made me think this could be pretty good training for me….Read More

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