These are the ways we can work with each other:

1) Email advice (3 x 3 Minutes)

I love getting emails from people asking for my advice on a specific portfolio problem and I love replying with helpful tips.  You are welcome to email me any time, I answer every email within 24hrs or less and I spend up to 3 minutes replying to each email.   You get three of these emails, then you need to consider moving to category two because … (1) email is great for short headlines but a terrible way to offer you great advice.  (2) If I spend all day answering emails I would have no time to help people in the other three categories.

2) Skype advice for individuals or teams (Hourly)

Recent examples include: General sanity check / coaching for executive leaders, portfolio directors and Portfolio Office Managers.  Discussing portfolio improvement planning, reviewing executive information, styling Executive Board engagement approaches, reviewing portfolio journeys and executive portfolio information.

3) Experiential workshops or assistance: (Daily)

Recent examples include: Executive energiser workshops to help Executive Boards understand what great portfolio management could look like for them, designing tailored executive information, creative portfolio improvement planning workshops, portfolio team building days, special events or keynote presentations.

4) Interim leadership consultancy: (Weekly)

Recent examples include: Portfolio Direction, Portfolio Capability Assessment, portfolio improvement planning, team building, portfolio planning and portfolio journey creation, portfolio governance, quality assurance and emergency portfolio recovery and delivery.


Contact: or tweet @MrPortfolio