Who is Mr Portfolio Management?

My name is Craig Kilford and I’ve worked in portfolio management and portfolio office management for around 20 years in lots of industries from central and local government to banking, telecoms, policing, insurance, highways and technology.

I’ve written a number of books on the subject which are now the UK Government’s best practice standards including Management of Portfolios (MoP), an Executive Guide to Management of Portfolios (both co-Authored with Steve Jenner).  I also wrote Think P3O and was the Lead Mentor on the P3O Guidance, which is the best practice publication for Portfolio, Programme and Project Office implementations.

My portfolio management leadership work has been used by the UK Government as an example of best practice, you can read the case study here which documents my work at the Office for National Statistics describing how to implement effective portfolio management across an entire organizations within 100 days.

I enjoy helping organizations rapidly boost their portfolio delivery capability,  I do this via interim portfolio leadership roles, providing experiential workshops or via one to one executive coaching.  Click here to read more about the services I provide.

How often is Mr Portfolio Management.com updated?

I write at least once per week, sometime twice.

Can I use your presentations?

You are very welcome to use all of the content on MrPortfolioManagement.com for your own non-commercial use.  All I ask is that you mention where you got it from and if you want to send a tweet or LinkedIn post about it, that would be very nice of you too.  If you want to use any of the content in your training material please email hi@MrPortfolioManagement.com.

I’ve got an idea for you to write about on Mr Portfolio Management.com will you do it?

Feel free to email your idea to hi@MrPortfolioManagement.com